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Everyone has untapped potential

We at HRD Inc, work hard to make that potential visible to the right people. Our expertise lies with understanding key pain points that our client face and deliver efficient solutions that propels their vision and business to reach new heights.


The HRD Group

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Each of our Group of Companies, operate independently covering various aspects of our expertise

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Asia Pacific Maritime Research Foundation
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Meridian, LLC

What do we do?

Training Talent



An n End-to-End Recruitment & Staffing Solution Software product. Any Staffing Company right from a Multibillion-Dollar Implementation Partner to a Housewife sitting at home can use this software to meet the staffing demands. This software helped them meet all their staffing demands. From effective management of Owner Seed Data Table to advanced functions to Track Resumes, Heat maps for data etc, this solution enhances the staffing process.


A versatile software that aims at making information segregation and data collection simple for all types of organisation. No matter the format or size of database, our module has the capability to produce an output that is be a file of any format or database of your choice to store and understand the data. Be it 100 or 1000 resumes, our parsing module can record, parse and deliver requirements in an efficient manner suitable for your needs.


The Input for the Matching Module are Seed Data table where the Matching Factors are defined and a file of any format or database with a multiple or single Resume/s or Requirement/s, and the output will be a file of any format or database Matched with requirement or resume respectively. If you have several hundreds of resumes and want to match with a requirement with weightage factors, the Matching Module will display matched resumes in an order. So also, if you have several hundreds of requirements and want to match with a resume with weightage factors, the Matching Module will display matched requirements in an order.



Happy Workplaces:

Wrong Hire Challenges:

We believe in building happy workplaces by connecting right talent with right opportunities. Often, companies spend quality time, money and resources to identify skilled workforce. On a similar note, people find it extremely difficult to find a right opportunity. We at HRD cater to this need and help our clients by connecting human potentials to the ambitions of the businesses.

Do What it Takes:

The cost of a wrong hire in US is around a quarter million US$. The cost is related to hiring process, compensation and retention. This makes it very important for companies to be very critical about the hiring process. We use predictive analytics and help our clients identify opportunities and address risks that may

Driven by over 25 years of expertise, we do what it takes to meet our customer’s need. We offer Contract & Permanent Staffing Solutions, Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) and Staff Augmentation Services.

Contract & Permanent

Staffing Solutions:

Hiring a new resource is not just to expand the organizational structure but also to reach company’s goals. With our expertise in hiring, we help our clients hire right talents who match their culture.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing:

Hiring experienced and qualified resources is a major challenge for companies. We provide a time-tested solution to our clients with our RPO services. We join forces with our client’s team to comprehend the business needs and culture and deliver the best talent.

Staff Augmentation Services:

Our team of experienced business and technical staff collaborate with our client’s team to understand the business need and offer a workforce solution that enhances the overall business performance. We offer on-site, off-site, and near site workforce solutions to deliver custom IT projects within the budget and timeline.

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Head Office: 5814 Marietta Station Dr, Glenn Dale, MD 20769, United States

Field Office: 16701 Melford Blvd. Suite 400 Bowie MD 20715


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